Text and image are brought together to broadcast the idea of moonlight as an idealized, celestial object. The sculpture at the heart of the installation makes use of a carefully chosen vintage (1970’s) typeface, which is filled with a detailed photograph of the full moon. The conceptual loop at play in the logic of this installation is that sunlight reflecting off of the moon has been captured photographically and is now being broadcast once again; this time as moonlight reflecting on the water.


Adam David Brown is an interdisciplinary artist based on Toronto, Canada whose work is frequently generated by investigations into science, language, and the passage of time. He explains, “I am drawn to the idea that things begin to vanish at the moment that they appear." He has exhibited his work in Canada, Europe, Central America and the United States and has been awarded The Canada Council of the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. His work can be found in the collections of: The Art Gallery Of Ontario, Bell Canada, TD Bank, The Bank of Montreal, Cadillac Fairview, The Ivey School of Business, The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Logitech, Ryerson University as well as numerous private collections.