Occupying the entrance to PLAY/GROUND 2019 is an installation based on an unwritten graphic novel, entitled "Don Bizarre." Said graphic novel was invoked by an author in the artist's circle, but never finished, nor truly started. The artist, one Russell Facemire, being unable to access the story (said story being long forgotten) enlisting the help of Pasquale, his current studio partner, forms a stage set from used materials, manifesting, through these, the ghosts which circle the phantom story.


Russell Facemire is an emerging artist from Braxton County, West Virginia. He is a registered

artist-member of West Virginia's Tamarack Foundation, and his works, including paintings, drawings, comics and performances, have been featured in several group shows, and two solo exhibitions. Russell is currently seeking an MFA degree at SUNY Buffalo, where he shares a studio with its friend and collaborator, Pasquale.