Auditorium is a site-based performance in traditional TST fashion. The experience focuses on  bringing audiences to unexplored spaces, curating their experience, repositioning the familiar into unfamiliar territory, while crafting a series of visual moments that communicate with one another.

Founded in 2003, Torn Space Theater (TST) presents original performances, re-interpretations of classic works, site-specific works and WNY premieres of internationally recognized, contemporary drama. TST has emerged as the most prominent interdisciplinary theater company based in WNY, working with a cross-section of the community and local artists to create multimedia performances that draw material from the leading edge of the global avant-garde.


FLATSITTER is a digital media and performance collective featuring Kyle Marler, based in Buffalo, Oaxaca City, Mexico and Joshua Tree, CA. Marler has been working with TST since 2015 and the videos screened at PLAY/GROUND were originally created for the TST productions of They Kill Things (2015), and STATIONS (2018).