An environment that simulates the experience of being in a dream, wherein things seem real, but not right. Viewers are inside a tangible dream. To enhance the dreamlike atmosphere, the room does not conform to physical reality. The classroom is a modified Ames room, which distorts perspective, so people seem to grow or shrink as they move from one side to another.


Bruce Adams is a conceptually based figurative painter who works in various figurative painting styles. In exploring painting, Bruce peels back the layers of meaning inherent in making and viewing art. Formally trained in art education at Buffalo State College, Bruce extended his education as an artist through his involvement in Western New York’s contemporary art scene. Bruce's work also includes installation and performance art, and he has years of experience as an art educator, and more recently an award-winning critical writer. He has exhibited extensively locally and nationally, and his work is included in numerous private and museum collections including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Castellani Museum, UB Anderson Gallery, and Burchfield-Penney Art Center.