Repurposed slides filled with captured images of unknown places and times, strung in ray like strands dramatically envelope the classroom space and serve as a metaphor for our collective memories. "our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action"(Luis Bunuel).


Jozef Bajus is an award-winning mixed media artist. Originally, from Slovakia, Bajus received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, (AFAD), Bratislava, Slovakia (1985). During 1990 - 2001 he was Head of Fibers Program at AFAD and since 1990 he has held positions of visiting scholar, instructor, and coordinator at various colleges and programs in the United States and abroad Currently, Bajus is an Associate Professor at SUNY Buffalo State College, Buffalo, New York and serves as the Coordinator of the Fibers/Design Program. His career has earned him numerous prestigious awards and recognition. Recently he has been the recipient of the Langley H. Kenzie Award, BPAC, Buffalo. Bajus' work has exhibited in numerous one - person, and group’s exhibitions, nationally and internationally, and is in the collection of many museums, art galleries.