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Rolling Thunder is a performative installation featuring sculptures that are animated by skateboarders. The sounds and energy of skateboarders thrashing about the room are a complement to the boldly painted ramps and other aesthetic elements with fill the space. Much of the visual art found on the chalkboards and walls reference the science, attitude, and ‘surfer-vibes’ of skating culture. 


Tom Holt is an illustrator from Carmel, NY. Living and working in Buffalo, Tom’s life revolves around skateboarding, his cat, video games, and other influences that find their way into his creative practice. While well on his way to completing more than 100,000 drawings. He is a co-owner of the Pine Apple Co in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood (@pineapplco).


Quincy Koczka is an artist, designer, builder, and lifelong skateboarder from Buffalo New York. With a background in architecture and a passion for woodworking, he spends his time turning bowls, building small models, and playing around with pieces of trim work. If he’s not in the wood shop, he’s likely to be found riding his board at a local skatepark.