An ethereal forgotten greenhouse suggests the simultaneous quality of a space separated by time in which some lives are misplaced while others flourish. A physical descent past cryptic botanical ghosts that peer through steamy Wardian cases leads you to an abandoned glasshouse glowing from within- a variable TARDIS, out of place yet somehow familiar. Nature left to nature’s own devices, but trapped within a sheltering and suffocating space. Are the contents languishing within or bursting to escape their confines? This installation is a nod to the Victorian obsessions of collection and control as nature’s wonder becomes tangled in a warp of lore and weft of biological science.


Amanda Besl’s main studio practice is focused on painting and drawing. She has shown widely in both WNY and New York City, and in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Russia. Amanda holds an MFA in Painting from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA from SUNY Oswego. Her work is part of several notable private and public collections including the Burchfield Penney Art Center; Nichido Contemporary, Tokyo, Japan; the Burger Collection, Hong Kong and the Tullman Collection, Chicago. She finds inspiration in the plants she obsessively tends, which provide props for her seemingly languid and slightly insidious still life worlds.